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Lymph nodes and circulatory system are responsible for the proper regulation of the immune system and help rid the toxins of the body. When the lymphatic system is blocked, fluid leaks into tissues and nodes which accumulate and create edema. You may feel your body be tired, weak and heavy and also raises the danger of sickness like a common cold or flu affecting our immune system.

Massagenow and our therapists use techniques which activate internally lymph nodes and inform our customers on the benefits of this practice when using it in frequent time periods.

Which are the benefits of lymphatic drainage massage?

Besides the fact it removes toxins by stimulating the natural drainage of the lymph, it is also beneficial for: people who have trouble sleeping and suffer from insomnia, increases vitality giving you more energy, slows down the aging process, reduces cellulite.

Massagenow therapists apply specific massage movements of pressure and rhythmic strokes that gets the lymph fluid moving to remove toxins.

This way the results of this therapy are totally therapeutic-successful and impressive.

Our therapists can inform you about the benefits when repeating often this therapy.

“It will be unfair for you not to try it! Give yourself a present and you will be surprised with its miraculous results!”.

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