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Prenatal massage has been designed to cover needs through the changes of the body and mind of a woman during her pregnancy period. During pregnancy, women realize they are now responsible for the health and wellness of two people instead of one. This often raises concerns and stress. Prenatal massage helps you relax your body, mind and have calm balance for you and your baby. It has a great effect on the physical changes a woman has in pregnancy, as it is soothing for pain in muscles and joints.

During the period of pregnancy a woman has many physical and muscle changes. These changes often cause several body pains. Many women feel pain around their neck, back and shoulders caused by extra weight, especially from weight change on their chest. Moreover, aches in the lower back, pelvis and hips. This happens because muscles stretch beyond usual limits in a short time. Swellings in their hands and ankles also occur frequently during pregnancy time. Massagenow with this therapy – prenatal massage can prevent all these problems and help you reduce these pains.

Prenatal massage will reduce pains and tightening of muscles and ligament, sciatica pain (pain that radiates from lower back through hips and leg), reduce fluid retention (which causes swellings), reduce frequency of headaches, cramps, will also improve regulation of the digestive system and symptoms like heartburn, gas, flatulence, dyspepsia, constipation and will improve your skin elasticity to avoid stretch marks.

Boost your energy, eliminate stress and improve your and your baby’s wellness.

We recommend you to start prenatal massage after the third month of pregnancy and continue during all your period of pregnancy.

Prenatal massage is very pleasant and a therapy designed to make you embrace this happy change of your life. Alongside prenatal massage proper breathing techniques, extra pillows to support your body and some stretch movements will give you the opportunity to fully enjoy your pregnancy.

POSTPARTUM MASSAGE: we also provide you postpartum massage which is the best way to release the accumulated body tension during the pregnancy period and birth. It is never easy to take care of a new born baby or adapt to new life routines. Postpartum massage helps in relieving your hormonal changes after pregnancy and birth, relieves you from the stress you have by taking care a new member of the family and also relieves you from muscle and joint pains which are related to your new reality – endless movement by taking care of the baby, nutrition of the baby.

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