Massage Now - Μασάζ κατ' Οίκον
χαλαρωτικό μασάζ


Perhaps the most attractive of all massage therapies. With many benefits, offers you wellness and total relaxation. The ideal way to feel every part of your body, breathe and revitalize.

Relax and revitalize massage therapy of massagenow and our therapists will offer you a relaxing experience. Our therapists focus on the parts of your body where stress and tension accumulates relieving your body through calm-spotted-mild and stable massage movements.

The body warms up, an “awakening” of the body where every part of it recovers its desired flexibility and functionality, toned and relaxed at the same time.

The muscles rest, tension subsides, increases local blood circulation, the body is toned and refreshed and also sets you in a good mood.

Relax massage also increases oxygen flow thus it helps in the release of toxins from your muscles.

This is a full oil body massage using soft movements from head to toes, leaving you with the feeling of total relaxation and revitalization.

A massage is something more than a touch of someone else, is your own personal time for relaxation, the way to forget problems, be calm and spent valuable and enjoyable time with yourself by getting in your own world.

Welcome to the world of wellness, serenity, happiness, enjoyment and mental and spiritual health. DO IT NOW!!! YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF WHO TOTALLY NEEDS IT!!!

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